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What do they get the winners and / selected?

 · The winner of an award receives a commemorative trophy and a certificate Diploma edited by Veredictas INTERNATIONAL entitled to obtain duplicates for its customers and partners.

 · The winners of a silver recognition and the selected works receive a diploma certified by Veredictas INTERNATIONAL entitled to obtain duplicates for its customers and partners.

 · Publication of the winners and selected works on the Web site of Veredictas and on the social networks with link to the site indicated by the applier.

 · Free shipping service press releases of the work awarded to the media indicated by the applier.

 · Inclusion of the winning works in the press releases of the organization to the press.

 · Right to use the logo and name indicating the year and the recognition.


How to participate?

To participate in the awards platform INTERNATIONAL Veredictas you must register as a user in order to register your best work. Each work must be registered in the corresponding  category or categories. To facilitate the registration of works and the selection process, only the works submitted through the online registration platform are accepted


I do not get in with my password...

Make sure the password you used is the correct one. If you have forgotten it you can get a new one here


What payment methods can I use?

The payment methods available are online payment with your credit card and PayPal.


I cannot finish my paying registration fees

Check with your bank that your card is authorized to make international payments or make payment through Pay Pal.


Do members or associated to the official organizations have some benefit or discount?

Yes. The members or associates of an official organization collaborating with an award are entitled to discounts and different promotions depending on the award. Contact your association and ask for your discounts.


Can I take advantage of discounts with deadline if you don't have yet prepared the information to send the work?

Yes, you can register as soon as you make the decision to participate. Then you have time until the closing of the award to update and modify images and data of your work. You must keep in mind that the organization will NOT claim you the images, you must send them in time, indicating clearly which work is about.


What is the price of the registration fee?

Check out the rules of the award you want to register to know the price of the entry fee. The price may vary depending on the phase and the deadlines of the award because of the promotions, the sooner you enter your works, cheaper will be the fee.


How is the material presented?

Each entry must contain a single color image (can be a collage that includes different images) of the work presented in JPG format 1024 x 768 pixels and 4096 x 3072 pixels (width x height), horizontal proportion 4: 3 at 72 dpi, RGB color space. If at the time of registration you do not have the artwork ready, you can upload provisional images, which may be replaced later by definitive ones. We recommend attach a brief explanation of up to 400 characters to explain to the jury the relevant aspects of your work. In addition you can attach a PDF with more information and explanations (the jury does not display the PDF unless they find it necessary). It is not allowed the appearance of logos or other signs of the author in the images and texts submitted, except if it is a work of self-promotion or those awards where so specify on the participation rules and regulations.


What if my work does not fit any of the categories?

Within the categories, there is a miscellaneous category, which receives all the works that do not fit in the other categories.


Can I submit the same work in more than one category?

Yes, the same work can be entered in more than one category, but each entry will be independent. In this case it must be registered and pay a registration fee for each category presented.


How many works can I register?

There is no limit. You can register as many works as you consider.


Do I have to present physical works?

In most awards no. Only in some cases this is necessary. See the details on the rules and regulations of the award to which you want to register before entering your works.


Which are the categories?

See also the categories in the contest rules and regulations you want to register your works.


Which is the deadline to enter the works?

Check out the rules and regulations of the award you want to register to know the deadline registration.


Can I register works or winning prizes already submitted at other design competitions?

Yes you can, of course.


I am a student, I can register my works?

Yes, you can, but remember that Veredictas International do NOT organize awards “tender for work”, enter those works you have already made.


How I can know if I have completed the registration of my works?

When you finish the registration process and the payment has been done you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your data, the registered works and a link to download your invoice. You can also enter your personal area and click on "my steps" to see all the entries you made and if there is any image or text pending.


I have not received the invoice...

By finishing the registration and the payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your data, the registered works and a link to download your invoice.


It gives me error when uploading the work...

Verify that the proportion of the image of your work is horizontal, 4 width x 3 height (minimum 1024 x 768px, maximum 4096 x 3072px)


Can I change the image or description once I have made the inscription?

If you've already uploaded your work the system will not allow you to change them again. If you need to change the work contact us at


When he will announce the verdict?

Check out the rules and regulation of the award to see this information.

Usually within 24 hours since the jury meets and issues its verdict, we publish the verdict on the social networks of the award.


Is there a Ceremony and where is it held?

Depends on the award, not all awards celebrate a ceremony; Check the contest rules and regulation which you want to register your works. If it has a ceremony, when the verdict is published you will receive an email with the details of the event.


Will I receive a diploma?

Winners and selected works who do not attend the ceremony or awards which do not celebrate a ceremony will receive a diploma certified by Veredictas International at the address stated in the registration.


May the winners and awarded by a selection request copies of their trophy and / or certified diploma?

Yes, the authors of the winning entries of a prize or a selection work can purchase copies of their diplomas and / or awards. Request your copy entering to your account at Veredictas INTERNATIONAL:


When is the next call open?

Check out the rules and regulations of the awards where you want to register your works for all the information. You can also fill out the contact form to receive our newsletters:

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