VEREDICTAS is doyen company specialized in the creation and development of "standards of excellence".
As its name suggests, a standard of excellence is a symbol that ascribes or certifies the excellence of its associated product, brand or service. For example, a Letra award certifies the excellence of a specific piece of outdoor communication.
A standard of excellence can be considered as such only if it is recognised by the community in which it is presented. To this end, the following factors are essential:
  • Maturity . We cannot talk of a standard of excellence if it has not been recognised as such for some time.
  • Recognition. If the community does not recognise it as such, a symbol is not a standard of excellence.
  • Renewal . Society is constantly evolving and so is the market. A standard of excellence must continually renew itself to reflect the community's values and to continue to be associated with the best. And, naturally, improvement is ongoing.
  • Diligence. A standard of excellence must always be recognised by the community. Consequently, it can never be given as part of a business deal or arrangement. A renowned jury must determine who or what is excellent and diligence in their decision is vital and unquestionable.
Veredictas Internacional, SA
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