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Participants and benefits

The International Graphic Design Awards, IGDEA are open to graphic design works produced during the years 2016 and 2017.

All proposals that are selected or awarded will obtain:

  • Gold Diploma only for the winners
  • Selection Diploma for the selected works
  • Diploma certified by Veredictas, entitled to obtain duplicates for customers and partners.
  • Publication of the proposal on the web and social networks of Veredictas linked to your professional contact.
  • Free press releases service to the media that the winner or selected indicates to the organization.
  • Inclusion in the press releases published by the organization.
  • Grant of the right to use the logo indicating the year awards and recognition received.


The IGDEA Awards include 25 categories that cover all the fields of the graphic design environment.

  1. IGDEA Award for best advertising for press
  2. IGDEA Award for best commercial advertising campaign
  3. IGDEA Award for best campaign of social interest
  4. IGDEA Award for the best poster
  5. IGDEA Award for best brochure, postcard, flyer
  6. IGDEA Award for best catalogue
  7. IGDEA Award for the best work of self-promotion
  8. IGDEA Award for the best display/POS/POP
  9. IGDEA Award for best design of a periodical publication (magazine, newspaper)
  10. IGDEA Award for best design of an editorial publication
  11. IGDEA Award for best cover of a book
  12. IGDEA Award for the best memory or balance
  13. IGDEA Award for the best illustration
  14. IGDEA Award for the best infographics
  15. IGDEA Award for the best typography
  16. IGDEA Award for the best logo of a product or service
  17. IGDEA Award for the best "naming" of a product or service
  18. IGDEA Award for the best corporate identity program
  19. IGDEA Award for the best packaging
  20. IGDEA Award for the shop online
  21. IGDEA Award for the best digital asset (presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  22. IGDEA Award for the best app graphic design
  23. IGDEA Award for best advertising campaign on digital media
  24. IGDEA Award -Pro the best work or project by a student on the last design course (free registration)
  25. IGDEA Award in Miscellaneous: Anything not included in the other categories 

Submission of application materials

  1. To facilitate the registration of proposals and the selection process, only those submitted through the Veredictas registration platform will be accepted.
  2. Every entry must include a color image of the project (1024 x 768 pixels, 72 dpi, JPG format RGB colors). It can be an assemblage of several visual images.
  3. A brief explanation (maximum 400 characters) will be allowed in order to describe the essential aspects of each entry, as well as a PDF (without showing any logo or trademark).
  4. The organization reserves the right to use and reproduce the works listed, or audiovisual media.
  5. The organization is not responsible for the authenticity of the information expressed by participants in the registration forms.
  6. It is not permitted emergence of logos or other signs of the author in the photographs presented, unless the project is self-promotion. Violation of this rule will derive in disqualification.

Registration fees

  1. Participants must make an entry for each work presented (series or single photo) and can submit as many works as they see wish.
  2. The same work can be entered if the author considers it appropriate, in more than one category, but each entry will be independent. In this case you must register each work and pay the fee for each category you apply.
  3. Each entry in the IGDEA AWARDS should be formalized by paying the corresponding fees (invoice will be sent).

Take advantage of great discounts by registering your works as soon as possible:

- If you register your works before the 31st December 2016 the price is 80 Euros for each inscription.
- If you register your works before the 30th of April 2017 the price is 90 Euros for each inscription.
- If you register their candidacies before the 31st July the price is 100 Euros for each inscription.

The deadline for participation and registration of works is July 31st, 2017.

More chances of winning an IGDEA AWARD with 3 entries! If you register 2 or more works, you can register a free 3rd. one (Applicable only once).

  1. Entries not formalized within the deadline they will be discarded.
  2. The deadline for participation and registration of works is July 31st, 2017.

The Jury

  1. The Jury of the IGDEA Awards is composed exclusively by professional design organisations and design promotion centers that collaborate with the organization:
  • Secretary of the Jury, without voice or vote, representative of Veredictas International
  1. The decision of the Judges will be final and no claim be considered.
  2. The jury will consider the creativity, coherence between functionality, message, the target and the strategy, the innovation, the commercial values, and the interplay of different disciplines and professionals, as well as other aspects the jury may consider relevant.
  3. Jurors may not be linked to any registered work.
  4. The jury will select up to 10 finalists in each category, the authors of this selected works will be informed and amongst the 10 finalists a winner will be choose in each category. The organizers will inform to all the winners receiving an IGDEA Award.

The IGDEA Award

  1. A unique prize is awarded by category and will be delivered to the owner of the registration. One Gold Diploma will de delivered by Veredictas International to the winner of each category.
  2. A Certificate Diploma will be delivered to all the authors of selected works.
  3. The organization will issue copies of diploma award or selection, and trophies awarded to participants upon request (order additional awards or diplomas)
  4. Any doubt misunderstanding will be resolved by the criteria of the organization. The IGDEA Awards are an organization of Veredictas International.

Rights and Responsibility


January 2016.


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