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What do the winners of an Award or a Selection get?

1.    The winners of an award receive the Commemorative Trophy of the edition and a Diploma certified by Verdictas Internacional.
2.    Those deserving a Selection receive a Diploma certified by Veredictas Internacional.
3.    The winners and selected works are highlighted in the gallery of veredictas.com
4.    The winning works are published in the social media of Veredictas Internacional.
5   . A personalized press release of each winning or selected work is sent to all media indicated by its author.
6.    The verdict with the winning works isincluded and mentioned in the organization's general press releases to the specialized trade press.
7.    The authors of the winning or selected works have the right to use the logo and name of the award indicating the year and recognition obtained.
8.    The winners and the selected authors can obtain duplicates of diplomas and trophies for their clients and collaborators.
9.    The authors of the winning works obtain the exclusive right to publish their works in the OPTIMVS book, a publication that includes the best authors of each year.

How to participate?
To participate in the awards certified by Veredictas Internacional you must register as a user to inscribe your best works. Each work must be inscribed in the corresponding category (s). To facilitate the registration of works and the selection process, only works submitted through the registration in the online platform of each award are accepted. http://www.veredictas.com/premios.html
I can't register with my user name...
Check that the password you are entering is correct. If you have forgotten it you can change it here:
What payment methods can I use?
The payment is online with your credit card or with PayPal.

I can't conclude the payment of my registration fees.
Check with your bank that your card is authorized to make international payments or make the payment through PayPal.

Do members and associates of the official organizations of each award have any benefit or discount?
Yes. Members and associates of the official organizations of an award benefit of different discounts and promotions according to the prize. Ask about your discounts with the organization to which you are associated.

Can I take advantage of the discounts that apply until a date if I still do not know which works I will present?
Yes, you can register the work as soon as you make the decision to participate. Then you will have time until the closing of the call to upload and modify the images and data of the works. You must bear in mind that the organization will NOT claim this step, you must take care uploading them within the deadline.

What is the cost of the registration fee?
Check the participation conditions of the award you wish to register your works to know the rates and registration fees. The price may vary depending on the date as there are promotions, the sooner you register your works cheaper it is to register them.
How do you present the material and information?
Each inscription must contain at least a single image (it can be a collage that includes different images) in color of the presented work, in JPG format of between 1024 x 768 pixels and 4096 x 3072 pixels (width x height), horizontal proportion 4: 3 a 72 dpi, RGB color space. If at the time of registration you do not have the graphic material prepared, you can upload provisional images, which can be later be replaced by the final ones. We recommend attaching a brief explanation of up to 400 characters to explain to the jury the relevant aspects of your work. You can also attach a PDF with more information and explanations such as technical specifications, the goal of the work, plans, drawings, link to a video, etc.

What do I do if my work does not fit into any of the categories?
Within the categories, there is a Miscellaneous category, which receives all the works that do not fit in the rest of the categories.

Can I submit the same work in more than one category?
Yes, the same work can be registered in more than one category, although each registration will be independent. In this case, the inscription fee must be registered and paid for each category to which it is presented.

How many works can I register?
There is no limit. You can register as many works as you deem appropriate.

Do we have to present physical material of the work?
Not in most awards. Only in some cases, check the bases of the award you want to participate before registering your works to know all the details.

Can I register works that have already been presented or won in other awards and creativity contests?
Of course you can.
I am a student, can I register my works?
Yes, you can, but remember that Veredictas Internacional DOES NOT call tender contests, this means you must NOT develop a work just to participate, register works that you have already done.
How can I know if the registration of my works has been completed?
When you complete and pay for an entry, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the registered works and a link to download your invoice. You can also enter at the personal area and click on "my efforts" to see all your inscriptions and if there is any pending image, text or information.

I have not received the invoice...
When you complete and pay for an entry, you will receive an e-mail with your details and the works you have register and a link to download your invoice.

I get an error when uploading the work...
Check that the proportion of the image of your work is horizontal, 4 wide x 3 high (minimum 1024 x 768px, maximum 4096 x 3072px)

Can I change the image or description once the registration is made?
If you have already uploaded your work, the system will not allow you to change it again. If you need changes in the works, contact us at help@veredictas.com

How is the jury formed?
Any Jury of the awards certified by Veredictas Intenacional includes members of the organizationnor protocol or commercial members. All the members of the jury are appointed exclusively by the most prestigious organizations from the professional and market environment.

When will the verdict be announced?
Within 24 hours of publishing the jury's verdict, all participants receive an email with the verdict in which they can check if their work has been recognized with a Selection or an Award. In addition Veredictas Internacional publishes the list of winners in veredictas.com and in the Social Media.
Check the participation conditions and calendar of the award to see the details and specifications.

Is the delivery ceremony celebrated? Where?
Not all awards celebrate delivery ceremony, check the participation conditions and calendar of the award you want to register your works. If it is an award with delivery ceremony, when the verdict is published you will receive an email with the details of the event so you can attend with your team, friends and family.

Will I receive my award if I do not attend the ceremony?
Winners and Selected who do not attend the ceremony receive their award by mail to the address indicated in the registration. In the awards that do not celebrate ceremony, the winners also receive it by post mail.

Can the winners and selected authors request copies of their trophy and /or certified diploma?
Yes, the authors of a winning Award or a Selection can acquire copies of their diplomas and / or awards. Request your copy entering at Veredictas Internacional with your account:

When will the next call open?
Each award has its own calendar. Check the dates in the participation conditions of the award in which you want to register your works. You can also fill out the contact form to receive our newsletter: https://www.veredictas.com/contact/contact-100.html

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