Don Camillo wine by Tenuta Paradiso

por Studio La Regina ITALIA
para Tenuta Paradiso società agricola en Italy - 27/03/2023
Tenuta Paradiso produces fine wines by cultivating the typical grapes of the sunny hills of Savuto.

Don Camillo, a wine that expresses the character of the territory, is born in the unique microclimate that gives shape to the autochthonous Arvino vine.

We created a prestigious label for this equally unique wine. On a soft-touch black background, the map of the cultivations where the Arvino vine grows stands out in glossy braille paint, which is emphasized in glossy gold together with the name of the wine. At the top of the label and on the capsule stands a modern stylization of the coat of arms of the family that owns the Estate enriched by details in shiny braille and gold.
Selección Brandor 2023: MEDALLA BRANDOR al mejor diseño de packaging único con valor de marca
Galería: Packaging

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