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Liqueur Creams line by CS Liquori

by Studio La Regina ITALY
for CS Liquori in Italy - 22/02/2024
CS Liquori is a small liquor factory from Bisignano, Italy. Their line of Liqueur Creams includes ten flavors that range from the classic lemon to the summer melon. We took care of the image of the product line by creating a series of labels with bold graphics. The design is built around the color of the product. In the middle of each label there is a round hole that shows the cream in transparency. All around the hole there is a geometric decoration whose colors echo and enhance those of the center. Everything is round, even the bottle. The curves refer to a concept of creaminess. Consumer information becomes part of the design, but is off-center towards the two sides of the bottle and is not immediately visible. Viewing it from the front, the entire label is dominated by the illustration
BRANDOR SELECTION 2024: BRANDOR MEDAL for the best packaging line design with brand value
Gallery: Packaging

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