The INTWO Awards, EUROPEAN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS recognize the creativity and excellence of interior design and decoration projects in Europe.

The INTWO Awards, EUROPEAN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS recognize the creativity and excellence of interior design and decoration projects in Europe.


All the works carried out in 2017 and 2018 by interior designers, architects, decorators and companies specializing in this professional activity can attend the INTWO Awards.

All projects that are selected or awarded will receive:

  • Commemorative Award (INTWO Gold Award for winners)
  • Diploma certified by Veredictas, with the right to obtain duplicates for clients and collaborators.
  • Publication of your work in the Veredictas and social networks website with link to your contact
  • Free service of press releases to the media specified with your inscription.
  • Inclusion in the press releases of the organization.
  • Assignment of the right of use of the logo of the prizes indicating the year and recognition obtained.


The INTWO Awards establish 13 categories that accommodate the different areas of interior design and decoration.

1. INTWO Award for best interior design of a home

2. INTWO Award for the best interior design of a kitchen

3. INTWO Award for the best interior design of a public space of great transit (lobby, metro access, hospital, etc.)

4. INTWO Award for best interior design of a work environment (offices)

5. INTWO Award for the best interior design of a bar or restaurant

6. INTWO Award for the best interior design of a hotel

7. INTWO Award for the best interior design of a specialized trade or shop

8. INTWO Award for the best interior design of a large shopping mall

9. INTWO Award for the best indoor lighting

10. INTWO Award for the best innovation in interior design

11. INTWO Award for best ephemeral interior design

12. INTWO Award for best interior design designed by a student

13. INTWO Award for the best interior design in the miscellany.

The INTWO Award

It will award 1 single INTWO Gold Award, 2 INTWO Silver Awards and up to 10 selections per category. All the winners will receive their award in dates and place that will be communicated in due time.

If the holder of a winning or selected work wishes copies of a diploma or award, the organization will issue copies of INTWO Gold, INTWO Silver or Selection Diploma, to participants who request it in "Request additional awards or diplomas", they will be sent to postage due.

Presentation of registration material

1. The works must be submitted and registered through the platform of Veredictas.

2. Each inscription must contain 1 image (can be a collage of different images) in color of the presented work, in size 1.024x768 pixels at 72 dpi, in JPG format and RGB color.

3. For a better evaluation of the works presented it is recommended to attach a brief explanation of max. 400 characters describing those relevant aspects, as well as attach PDF in the inscription platform.

4. The organization reserves the right to use and reproduce the works in catalog, book, audiovisual or in the media that it deems appropriate.

5. The organization declines all responsibility for the authenticity of the data expressed by the participants in the registration forms.

6. In order to preserve the principle of impartiality of the jury, the appearance of logos, signatures or other signs of the author in the photographs presented is not allowed, except in works made for own use. Failure to comply with this rule is a reason for disqualification if the jury believes so.

Registration fees

1. The participants must make an inscription for each work presented, being able to present as many works as they deem convenient.

2. The same work can be, according to the bases, registered in more than one category, although each inscription will be independent. In that case, an enrollment fee must be registered and paid for each category to which it is submitted.

3. Each entry in the INTWO Awards must be formalized through the payment of your registration fee (invoice will be sent).

4. Benefit of great discounts by registering your works as soon as possible:

5. Participation fees: information about participation conditions will be provided shortly.

6. Benefit of a 20% discount accumulative to other discounts. If you are a member of an organization that supports the INTWO awards, ask for your personal discount code to your organization.

7. Inscriptions not formalized within the established period will be discarded.

8. The deadline for submission of works is (to be reported shortly).

The Jury

1. The Jury of the INTWO Awards is formed exclusively by representatives of the most prestigious official colleges and professional associations of interior design and decoration in Europe.

2. The verdict will opportunely be made public in the web of the awards for the participants and for all people. The decision of the Jury is sovereign and will not accept any claim. The members of the Jury cannot be linked to any work presented.

3. The Jury will evaluate the creativity, design, furniture, materials used, lighting, its functionality and all those aspects that it considers relevant for each interior design project.

4. Any doubts about misunderstanding will be solved by the criteria of the organization.

Rights and Responsability

June 2017

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