About Veredictas

Veredictas International provides the means so the entire market knows and recognizes the excellence of your work.

Our effort is focused on making that the best works in each profession are periodically recognized for its excellence and making this recognition the best strategy tool for their authors.

The call for standards of excellence is also an incentive for the continuous improvement of the quality level of the professionals' work, which also translates into a greater recognition for the community and the market.

Veredictas makes this possible through the call and management of high standards of excellence.

A standard of excellence is, as the name points out, a symbol that recognizes or certifies the excellence of that product, brand or service associated to it, so we find for example that an Anuaria award certifies the excellence of a graphic design work in Spain.

A standard of excellence can be considered as such only if it is so recognized by the community of its professional ecosystem, for which these 4 facts are inexcusably necessary:

  1. Maturation. We can't consider a standard of excellence if there has not been a recognition period that is never less than three years.
  2. Recognition. If the community and market does not recognize it as such, the symbol is not a standard of excellence.
  3. Renovation. A professional ecosystem is constantly evolving, the market also. A standard of excellence must be continuously renewed to reflect the values and evolution of the community to be always associated with excellence.
  4. Rigour. A standard of excellence must always be recognized by the community, so it can never be assigned as part of a deal or a business. A neutral, plural and recognized jury must determine who or what is excellent since the rigor in the concession is essential and indisputable.
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