World Wedding Photo

The WWP awards recognize and disseminate the work of the photographers, who must capture the essence of the party with the light and cameras, getting us into the festive mood for a moment.

The works selected and awarded by the WWP will be presented in several photography or wedding events worldwide, becoming a platform of recognition for top photographers.

A wedding or a bond between two people has always been the most important family and social event than a person held in his life.

The work of photographers at the wedding is very important because beyond making a report of the event, must be able to convey the feelings, values and sentiments of the couple and their families and friends.

The organization of the WWP want to recognize and disseminate this ability and job well done by any professional photographer, without conditions or obligations as the right of expression, in freedom. So any photographer in the world can freely register their proposals to be evaluated by an expert jury, a jury member without formal status, nor commercial, nor any member of the organization.

All the selected pictures and winner of a WWP will join the international WWP fund (WWPIF).

WWPIF respects and preserves the copyright of all images and shall always indicate the acronyms of this.

The pictures and award winners of a WWP will be exhibited in different photography or wedding events around the world and will spread the name of the authors.

All projects selected and awarded will receive:

  • Trophy commemorative of the edition (only winners)
  • Veredictas Certified Diploma , with the right to obtain duplicates for customers and partners.
  • Your work published in Veredictas web and social networks, with link to your contact.
  • Service of sending press releases to the media you specify.
  • Inclusion in press releases of the organization.
  • Cession of right to use the logo indicating the year awards and recognition received.

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